Web-VR camp at Alva’s Engineering College, Mangalore

I  had the amazing opportunity of conducting a workshop on Aframe (WebVR) at Alva’s College of Engineering, in Mangalore (a city about 350 km from Bangalore) on October 28th 2017. The participation was quite overwhelming (over 70 students attended the workshop). I spoke about Mozilla’s goals in general and about the importance of WebVR in the future. This was followed by introduction to open source philosophy. I then covered up the basics of HTML, CSS and javascript to get them started. This was followed by the Aframe hands-on. We concluded the day long workshop with the students trying out A-frame projects on themes of their choice. Students from all four years of engineering and different branches turned up. I had the opportunity of interacting with the HODs of the Computer Science department at the College. The co-ordinators Prarthana and Trupti were extremely helpful and the college has a great campus and I was overwhelmed by their hospitality. This being the first ever Mozilla event at their college, I look forward to a lot many other events happening at this college as a part of the Moz-Activate initiative.


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