MozLondon 2016! :)


This June, I had the incredible privilege of attending Mozilla’s bi-annual (work week) meet-up, which was held at London. With more than 1350 Mozillians from all over the world, including over 150 volunteers and 64 interns, London All Hands 2016 was the perfect prolific week for all  projects across Mozilla, where  teams could meet in person and work on their future design. It began with the plenary session, opened by none other than Doctor Who followed by outstanding talks by Chris Beard and Mitchell Baker. The week followed with team-specific meet-ups and brainstorming of ideas, where every attendee could delve in and have their say. I had the pleasure of attending some amazing talks on Rust, Gecko and Servo, Google Apps Training, Electrolysis, Context Graph Data and Fireside chats with Chris Beard. With such a lot of interesting and overwhelming talks by the best speakers going on across the three splendid London hotels as venues, meeting a lot of contributors and getting to know about their work was simply inspirational, and this being my first ever conference, my experience was absolutely terrific!


Photos of the entire work week are now available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mozillaallhands/sets/72157669425118160/


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